In the proposed key first  signs of recognition is listeted in the following order: they can watch in nature with the naked eye; observed with binoculars; shot with the camera; seen with a magnifying glass on a captured animal.

Odonata (Dragonflies) in Europe are divided into two suborder Zygoptera (Damselflies) and Ansoptera (Dragonflies). Usually the first 3 mark are enough to recognition suborder.



 Zygoptera -DAMSELFLIES 


1. Small dragonflies thick belly to matchstick.

2. Slow and clumsy flight, often landing.

3. The wings folded over the abdomen (3a) or if they are dissolved, then it is up to 45 degrees to the abdomen (3b), but never in a plane with abdomen.

4.Head is flat. Eyes widely separated from the head, like in Hammer fish.

5. The forewing and hindwings, identical in base shape.


Anisoptera - Dragonflies


1. Large and medium-sized dragonflies belly thicker than a matchstick.

2. Quick and Arrow in flight, some species may spend hours not land .

3. The wings spread out (3a), sometimes even more down and forward (3b).

4. The forewing and hindwings, different in base shape. The forewings basically narrowed (4a), while the hindwings extended (4b).

  5. Head is a hemisphere and eyes envelope it. Eyes touching overhead (5a). Exception is family Gomphidae, where eyes also envelope the head, but not touching (5b).